A number of independent associates and practitioners work together on communications, management and research projects to provide clients with more joined-up services and support targeted to the needs of their organisations.

The practitioners have collaborated to provide an annual donation of pro bona support and advice to a number of charities and not-for-profit groups.

One of the practitioners is Abha Thakor, a Chartered and Accredited Public Relations Practitioner and Chartered Manager, at Non Stop Business Support. She is involved in continous professional development initiatives, bespoke communications, administration and management solutions, and providing interim and project management support. She has significant experience and research interests in government and citizen communications and in emergency planning communications for the public.

She has worked as a journalist, communications director, adviser and champion in the public, not-for-profit and commercial sectors. She has won and been shortlisted for a number of awards in both journalism and communications, and chaired and served on institute communications and management groups.

Abha Thakor works and commissions a number of other practitioners, web and design companies across the UK appropriate to organisations’ needs and has been involved in bringing management projects together cross-organisations and boundaries. One of her personal interests is helping to link learning, and in supporting understanding in Anglo-Indian projects.

She is a long-term supporter of the campaigns to support online learning and improve access to ICT skills and use, and is currently involved in research projects in this area and exploring how communities and individuals can engage with governmental bodies through digital media. Her other research interests include suffrage and the vote, digital skills and media R&D, and cross-cultural communications.

She was invited to author a chapter in the digital communications tools book, PR Stack 2, published in October 2015 and edited by communications tools expert Stephen Waddington.