The future of digital engagement

The future of digital engagement The future of public relations will include: an evolved form of broadcast media, communications professionals harnessing data, and the creation of experiences which can provide real life outcomes. This was the conclusion of a panel exploring how engagement will change in future years with the use and development of digital technologies.The event highlighted key points… Read More »

Bee comms

Warm, soothing and golden – honey is an old favourite in our modern world. Shelves stacked with creamy set or dripping orange colours, ready to spoon onto desserts, ooze onto toast or to create a magical, healing drink. Make sure you grab a jar, any one, as you journey around the supermarket. It is 10… Read More »

The Ebola Message

Working alongside health communications colleagues in local and national public services, the common issue found is getting correct information out to counteract fears and addressing misconceptions. The Ebola crisis is the latest example of the importance of good and fact-based communication and the need to work with the media in better understanding the causes and effects. An example of a direct and clear campaign… Read More »

Impact of digital on public service ethos

Has public service ethos changed with the advance of technology, online services and the ‘Digital by Default’ agenda? This question lay at the heart of a local digital panel debate comprising senior central and local government representatives. The motion debated was: ‘This house believes that the ethos of public service will be destroyed by the… Read More »

How we label foods

Did you know that all food-selling establishments now must have 14 key food allergens labelled and be able to advise customers if any of the foods they are thinking of ordering contain one of these ingredients? The customers who have food allergies to be better informed and reduce the number of adverse reactions. New ‘chef cards’ are… Read More »

PR in 2015

The CIPR has published its #PR2015 Guide exploring trends and issues affecting public relations in this year. It invited senior practitioners to produce contributions for the book on challenges, predictions and learnings which could help the profession and organisations they work with in 2015. On page 23 and 24 Abha Thakor, together with colleagues from the… Read More »