AI glossary

Content for the glossary on artificial intelligence and machine learning is regularly reviewed for currency. We feature different sources in a revolving cycle. Custom-glossaries and learning materials are also produced on request.

To support the training, learning materials and workshops, we include a range a range of references to cater for different audiences we work with. It is important the general public have an accurate understanding and awareness of AI, and we therefore also include easy guides. We reference popular guides on Wikipedia, but please note any referencing for definitions and explanations given.

Council of Europe’s AI glossary

‘AI Glossary – artificial Intelligence (in so many words)’ – Matthew Hutson et al, Science Magazine, 7 July 2017

‘Artificial Intelligence Terms simply explained’ Ayran Olckers, Medium, January 2020

AI terms and concepts – definitions on Wikipedia

What is intelligence? Useful article published in Wired, 19 May 2020.

Quick reference article which explains the difference between data analytics and ML. Useful for marketers and product managers new to the area with suggestions of when to choose which approach. It also explains that ML is a predictive learning which is ‘capable of making assumptions, and can test and learn autonomously without human interference’. It describes predictive analysis as predicting ‘the behavior and trends making use of both historical and new data.’ Article on HTTechNectar’s website.

Machine Learning (ML)

‘Machine learning cheat sheet’ – Tech Republic, 9 April 2018

Machine Learning Glossary for Google Developers – also includes definitions for TensorFlow. There is also a crash course from Google with TensorFlow APIs (English language).

Books recommended:

‘Foundations of Machine Learning’ (MIT Press). This is aimed at graduate level on ML, focusing on theory and analysis of algorithms. Useful for researchers.

Also view the advanced AI reading lists and developer-glossaries curated by Non Stop News UK.

Machine learning – definitions on Wikipedia


Journal of Machine Learning Research. This Is hosted on the Association for Computing Machinery’s Digital Library.

Tools and frameworks for ML

Computer World article on its best ML tools and frameworks for data scientists and developers (2018) – useful for definitions of tools


Begin Robotics – FutureLearn

Robotics – definitions on Wikipedia

Further guides and slides to help deliver introductions to AI and its terminology within your organisations are available to clients.