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Gender pay gap shows large discrepancies

The ongoing significant pay gap in 2015 between men and women has been highlighted in a number of studies. Two independent studies this year have found that there is a difference of about £8,500 in earnings between the genders for equivalent roles. Women managers working in equivalent full-time roles earn 22 per cent less than men, according to research published… Read More »

Jam, Jerusalem and Change

Women have played a role in civic society and politics often in quiet and every day ways. They have contributed to change in the expectations of the way women would live, behave and participate in their family life and wider roles. In the last 100 years, the Women’s Institute (WI) has played an active, and sometimes unknown,… Read More »

Bee comms

Warm, soothing and golden – honey is an old favourite in our modern world. Shelves stacked with creamy set or dripping orange colours, ready to spoon onto desserts, ooze onto toast or to create a magical, healing drink. Make sure you grab a jar, any one, as you journey around the supermarket. It is 10… Read More »