How can we help you?

By | 6th July 2024

At Non Stop News UK, we are committed to supporting tech and community projects that do good and help improve understanding. We have a particular focus on health improvement and awareness campaigns and support development of technology that can empower and aid recovery and independence.

Through our communications work, we have been pleased to be able to support many local, national and international campaigns, events and projects over the decades. As individuals and through our partnership networks, we play a major role in open source projects including WordPress. For more than 20 years, we have supported areas to promote technology learning, improve inclusion and access to IT and related skills locally and internationally.

If you are interested in partnering with us, contact Abha or Nalini Thakor. We thank Surendra Thakor for his work in all these areas and his dedication particularly on health-related communications and awareness campaigns where his legacy will continue.

We also offer communications and digital marketing, administration, IT, personalised and group training, research and other support provision through Non Stop Business Support. We can put packages together to assist your group, individual or corporate needs, and work alongside many other professionals to bring together the most useful skills, training and experience.