Have you checked your Flickr access?

By | 10th July 2019

The online Flickr plaform, which describes itself as the ‘largest photographer-focused community’, has had a number of changes in recent months. These include a new version of its pro account, stronger log-in password requirements, and ending its requirement for users to have a BT or Yahoo email address.

For those still accessing their account via a Yahoo email address, there is an option to change your Flickr contact email address and in addition alter your primary choice.

New free offer from Flickr

From 5 February 2019, Flickr stopped its free 1TB of storage and added a restriction of 1,000 photos per user for non-Pro accounts. Anyone using more storage than this or exceeding the new photo limit will have to comply with the new provision.

If you don’t regularly check your or your client’s Flickr account and linked email, you are likely to find your account size has been automatically reduced. Some organisations have been in contact during the last six months for help with Flickr accounts which appeared to be linked to personal BT or Yahoo accounts and their Pro service benefits, which are no longer available. Flickr’s terms and conditions (rules) explain how to use its platform and we recommend organisations read these before reconfirming their accounts and update themselves on how their pictures can be downloaded by other users.

Why the change?

In April 2018, Flickr was purchased by photo gallery online service SmugMug. The changes come, the company say after a period of consultation and will help ‘shape the future of photography’. New features on the Flickr Pro account include 10-minute video upload option, unlimited storage, 5K display option, greater stats and ad-free usage. The company says on its website: “It remained committed to a vibrant free offering.”

Flickr’s Looking Ahead plan

Security update on Flickr

Changes to logging in on Flickr and how to migrate from Yahoo (Flickr, 9 July 2019). You can keep using a BT or Yahoo email address to log-in to Flickr, but you will need to make sure your password meets its new security standard and have reconfirmed your account by 19 July 2019. The service has now also introduced two-factor-authentication option.

Flickr Help with issues migrating from a Yahoo log-in

For corporates and organisations using Flickr, an update to your Privacy Policy may be needed to reflect the change in Flickr’s use of cookies and ownership, and link to its privacy policy.

Flickr help on changing your account’s privacy settings

Change privacy settings in the Flickr app

Download settings for your photos and folders in Flickr

If your API key no longer works

What to do if your API key is disabled