‘My PRstack 2’ book – a guide to using digital tools

By | 2nd October 2015

By Abha Thakor

PRStack e-book on tablet being read by a womanWant to use more digital tools in communications, but don’t know where to start? The second #PRstack book helps improve public relations workflow and support practitioners’ professional development.

The book features 48 guides to help public relations professionals add to their digital PR skills. It is available both as an e-book and a printed book. Readers are able to tap into case studies by public relations practitioners, including myself, exploring modern communications practice. For this second PRstack book, the 30 contributors created more than 40 practical examples of tools used in public relations, content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). My chapter in the book looks at the opportunities offered by live video streaming.

It has been an important project to work on at a time when the profession needs good and forward looking digital skills more than ever before. Both books are an aid to sole practitioners and those working in big organisations and firms looking to review their current practice and available communications opportunities.

For 128 pages of practical communications advice – Download or order the book on www.prstack.co

Stephen Waddington, who brought the #PRstack books idea to fruition, wanted to address the confusion in the third party digital tool market and found that there was a significant gap in materials available to support professionals in making the best use of these tools in their work.

Stephen, a former CIPR President and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, said: “In each chapter there’s an explanation of a tool, what it does and how you use it in practice.

“Those involved share practical advice on different areas of public relations workflow including planning, content, engagement, monitoring and measurement.”

He added: “We’ve also included guidance from experts on implementing change within an agency or communication team, and some simple hacks to get you started.”

The book is another example of how experienced PR and communications professionals can work collaboratively to create usable and modern resources to develop good practice. Additionally, PRstack 2 introduces new ways of helping audiences be part of the communications journey.

The PRstack books have been published by Frederik Vincx at Prezly , who has also written Guide to incorporating new technology in public relations workflow.

Reviews of the ‘My PRstack 2’ book

Quote from Rob BrownRob Brown, CIPR President 2016 and Founding Partner, Rule 5, said: “This is an invaluable resource for anyone who works in PR in 2015 and beyond.”

He added: “For almost 10 years we’ve been talking about how technology and digital communications have radically altered the practice of public relations. Much of the discussion has been theoretical and yet one of the biggest changes is in the myriad of applications and tools that we now use every day.

“From those we use to engage with online influencers to how we submit receipts for expense claims, technology is the heart of our workflow and systems and processes bare new and change quickly. Before PRstack no-one had thought to bring these multiple technologies together for the benefit of PR practitioners.”

Francis Ingham, Director General PRCA and Chief Executive ICCO, said: “PRstack will become a definitive guide to public relations.” He added: “As a professional practice, public relations has been plagued by too many publications that mystify rather than explain practice.

“This project, led by Stephen Waddington, one of the world’s leading public relations exponents, is an antidote to that shortfall.”

Laura Sutherland, Chief at Aura PR and Board Director of the CIPR, also one of the book’s contributors, said: “The wealth of knowledge and the skills that lie within the practitioners who contributed to #PRstack is incredible. Practitioners from across the world! It’s diverse, it’s relevant, it’s new and whoever reads it will undoubtedly be excited to go away and put into practice what they learn.”

PRStack paperback displayed on a tableDownload or order the book on www.prstack.co

During October 2015, one chapter from the book will be featured daily on the prstack.co website.

The ebook is distributed free under a Creative Commons license via the #PRstack community.

 This project is more than 2 books. It’s also a website listing more than 250 PR tools, the biggest collection on the planet. The project started with a crowd-sourced list of PR tools. A community gathered around the idea of making sense of the PR tools market and shared their favourites.

The team at Prezly built the website in 2015. One month later it boasted more than 250 tools.

Contributors to the second #PRstack book

Many thanks to: Matt Anderson, Matt Appleby, Stella Bayles, Michael Blowers, Liz Bridgen, Stuart Bruce, Gini Dietrich, Erica Eliasson, Helen Laurence, Rich Leigh, Hannah Lennox, Tim Lloyd, Kevin Lorch, Maria Loupa, Rachel Miller, Lauren Old, Adam Parker, Laura Petrolino, Andy Ross, David Sawyer, Aly Saxe, Laura Sutherland, Max Tatton-Brown, Frederik Tautz, Abha Thakor, Frederik Vincx, Angharad Welsh, Livi Wilkes, Arianne Williams, and Michael White.

The #PRstack2 book was published in October 2015.