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By | 6th June 2021

At this year’s WordCamp Europe, there will be a whole track devoted to being part of one of the biggest open source projects, WordPress.

We are pleased to be part of this opportunity for technical and non users to make a difference in access to and progress of the software that powers more than 40 per cent of the web. There are also many ways to get involved with the community behind the platform, share existing skills and learn new ones.

Track 2 will be devoted to learning about WordPress and include six workshops and panels, plus informal discussion sessions throughout the three days of the event. WordCamp Europe is the biggest camp in the world and brings together users, developers, and those coming new to the platform from timezones across the globe.

Abha Thakor has been an organiser at WordCamp Europe (WCEU) for the past three years and for 2021 leads the Contributing Team. Join her and a great line-up of presenters and panellists to find out how your skills and experience can make a difference. The whole schedule for WCEU is full of ways to learn more and chance to chat with others in this vibrant community.

Take part

There is also a resource area available to help you get started as part of this year’s focus to enhance and encourage sustainability of the contributor experience. Steps to join, use the tools and signpost when and where to connect with the teams that make up WordPress are all featured on the WCEU website in the section ‘Contribute to WordPress‘.

Read more about how WordCamp Europe 2021 will continue to celebrate contributors to the project.

The people

Want to hear more about some of the people using WordPress? Read the People of WordPress series on