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By | 7th June 2017

PRFest, a practical based CPD conference, is coming back to Edinburgh on 15 – 16 June 2017.

This event has been designed by communications practitioners for fellow practitioners. It is based on a model of workshops, discussion and implementation. The festival was set up in 2016 by CIPR communicator colleague Laura Sutherland to encourage people to ‘learn, share and collaborate’.

What is waiting for you at PRFest 2017

grey speech bubble with yellow quote marks insideA two day conference in Scotland which will feature sessions on:

  • communicators and the board room
  • PR measurement and evaluation, led by Jerry Ward, Press Data
  • why diversity and inclusion are so important in PR
  • workflow for planning, managing and measuring an influencer campaign led by PRstack editor and a previous CIPR President, Stephen Waddington
  • using data and analytics to inform strategy, led by Andrew Smith, Escherman
  • mental health in PR
  • educating the wider business community and employers about PR as a management discipline and its strategic value, led by Sarah Hall. There will be takeaways from the #FuturePRoof body of work. #FuturePRoof 2 was launched at the end of summer 2016
  • cyber security

Public sector speakers

Senior communications practitioners Sarah Pinch and Bridget Aherne will talk about the skill of professional influence, arguing that the communications function is a necessary part of all corporate decision making, not just something to be wheeled out in times of crisis. They will illustrate their presentations with real life examples from the board room.

Bridget Aherne is Head of Communications & Engagement at Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service and was previously Head of Communications and Administration at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. Her previous local public service roles were in fire service and local authority roles in Greater Manchester.

Sarah Pinch, MD of Pinch Point Communications, is a former CIPR President. She was previously Head of Communications at the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

Both Bridget and Sarah are past winners of the CIPR and IoD Public Relations Director of the Year Award. Bridget has written a blog about what the award meant for her and the challenges of being a sole PR practitioner in an organisation.

As part of the CIPR LPS project ‘Influence for Impact’ in 2015-2016, we interviewed senior practitioners from across the UK, including Bridget and Sarah. They gave insights into the skills and professional development needed to support public services. Read the ‘Influence for Impact’ report and discover more about its findings.  Hear the comments from some of the practitioners in the short video below produced by Tim Borrett and Abha Thakor at one of the research presentations.

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Workflow planning

I often hear practitioners and social media managers ask ‘do I really need to have a plan?’ and ‘why do I need workflow tools, don’t IT staff deal with that kind of stuff?’. In modern communications, an understanding of the relevant IT-tools is an integral part of the work and will also help you and your teams with productivity.

Quote from Rob BrownIf you are not able to get to Stephen Waddington’s session at PRFest 2017, check out a range of resources designed to help you in your day today work. The PRstack books explore a selection of useful and usable communications tools, what they do and how to use them in practice. The chapter authors share practical advice on the communications workflow including planning, content, engagement, monitoring and measurement.

PR tools: PRstack books

Waddington blogs on measurement

CIPR’s Research, Planning and Measurement Toolkit

CIPR’s Statement of Best Practice in Measurement and Evaluation

International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication (AMEC)

‘Evaluating Public Relations: A Guide to Planning, Research and Measurement’ By Tom Watson and Paul Noble

Highlights from PRFest 2016

Key issues, including evaluation and tools, feature in this Slideshare report on last year’s PR conference in Scotland.


More on #FutureProof, PR and communications tools, and measurement and evaluation in future blogs on Non Stop News (UK).