Managing how your teams deal with GDPR

By | 15th November 2017

New data protection regulations are coming.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU legal framework for processing citizens’ data, and will be in force in the UK from 25 May 2018.

In preparation for this, a series of partnership webinars will bring together senior practitioners and leaders in the area of information management and data protection to help managers and those working in digital to better understand the changes and the opportunities it brings for improvement.

Woman in a black suit holding a picture of a lock with green binary numbers fanning out from the centreThis will be the second in the series of awareness events to be held jointly with the Chartered Management Institute Southern and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Local Public Services Group. It will take the form of a CPD webinar aimed at encouraging a better understanding of GDPR and the importance of managing its implementation. It will further aim to provide a real practical understanding of the regulations for your teams and suppliers.

During the session, speakers from the Information Commissioner’s Office will explore key terms, such as, ‘personal information’ and ‘legitimate usage’ and why GDPR requires more awareness across your whole organisation than simply completing a data protection registration application.

The event will look at the impact of good data management on an organisation’s approach to service reform, engagement and innovation.

Prior understanding of data protection and information management is not required for this webinar and bookings are open to managers from all sectors and levels within an organisation. A section will be included in the event for senior managers and those with responsibility for managing communications and information teams.

Speakers will include Holly Bremner, from the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing, the Information Commissioner’s Office, and Abha Thakor.

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