Automated tools to help PR practice

By | 10th March 2018

The CIPR artificial intelligence (AI) panel has published an initial list of 95 tools collated from its crowd-sourced project. Check out the list to find ones that will help you in your work. A number of AI tools I suggested are feature in this database.

Logo "What's your favourite PR app or tool?"The project had its genesis in the #PRstack project from 2014 and 2015, and is led by Stephen Waddington. Practitioners were asked to make submissions on the PR tools which helped their organisations and teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

The CIPR State of the Profession survey 2017 found that content creation, media relation and planning were viewed as the top three skills in public relations by practitioners. In November 2017, Stephen Waddington said: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already making significant inroads to each of these areas. It is enabling practitioners to work smarter and more efficiently.”

He called for a public discourse on ‘the impact of algorithms’ which he described as ‘impacting every area of practice… commonplace for searching and organising how media and data is displayed.’

The CIPR’s AI panel, set up in February 2018, will contribute and help lead the conversation around technology and public relations. It will publish guidance for practitioners from each of its projects during the year.

The database categories are:

  • research
  • planning
  • listening
  • social media listening and monitoring
  • stakeholder identification and management
  • campaign management
  • analytics
  • audio content
  • written content
  • visual content
  • video
  • media relations workflow patterns
  • media distribution
  • media monitoring
  • media and social media management
  • project maangement
  • automation
  • crisis planning, simulation and workflow
  • measurement
  • learning and development
  • utilities

Suggestions for tools not featured in the first publication are still welcome and you can still submit them online.

If you work in public services and could be interviewed for articles and research on AI, contact me.


The CIPR’s AI Panel

CIPR launches AI panel tweetThe CIPR Artificial Intelligence (#AIinPR) panel is exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on public relations the wider business community.

According to the CIPR, the panel will aim to tackle three projects in 2018:

  1. crowdsourcing exercise to characterise technology and tools that are helping public relations practitioners work smarter and more efficiently.
  2. A skills framework that will seek to estimate the likely impact of artificial intelligence on the public relations workforce. It will aim to produce a paper for the World PR Forum in April.
  3. A literature and content review to explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the public sphere. This project will aim to produce a discussion paper for practitioners.

Stephen Waddington is keen to hear from all those working in communications and digital on the impact on technology on skills. He told Non Stop News UK, that the panel needs to benchmark tools against 50 areas of public relations competency on Global Alliance-defined scale, looking at the situation today and predicting what it might be five years hence.

If you work in tech in a communications-related field and want to discuss this further, contact Stephen or me to find out more.