Google’s new workspace

Just got used to G-suite? Well, Google is rebranding and is becoming Workspace. It will still have familiar tools like Gmail, Calendar, Slides, Docs and Sheets, but they will move from their Google Apps descriptors. A new in-document feature, Google Chat will make it easier for real time collaboration on documents from inside the messaging… Read More »

Helping the public emergency response to COVID-19

Non Stop News UK is providing support to communications practitioners and emergency planners and #AIforGood researchers through resources and signposting on coronavirus (COVID-19). One of these resource guides produced aimed at supporting fellow communicators can be found on the CIPR’s public sector group’s website. In addition, support is being provided to the WordPress contributor community and other tech and AI groups internationally at this time of global public emergency.

Training and tools needed for genuine digital citizenship

How can we improve society and help our organisations be part of global collaborative projects? Be an active digital citizen Share tools which are responsible and ethical Encourage learning of digital skills with your friends, colleagues and through open source projects Promote improved understanding of digital issues Be innovative collaboratively Mia MacMeekin’s infographic at An… Read More »

It’s the dog’s day!

Every dog has its day according to the popular saying. That is certainly true today (26 August 2019) as it is National Dog Day, a special 24-hour celebration of our canine companions. This designated day of the dog is aimed at promoting the importance of dogs and how they benefit the lives of their human friends everyday.

An #AI time machine for Europe

Mapping European cultural big data from the past found in galleries, libraries, archives and museums. This research is being described as having the potential of being one of Europe’s most advanced artificial intelligence projects.

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Is an AI-assistant listening into your meetings?

‪ I’m listening… Settings to consider if you have #Alexa, #Siri other listening #AI devices in an office or personal space when you are dealing with clients’ data or financial transactions. Useful tips from Kim Komando​ Picture credit: Pixabay/ Geralt

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